Part of ‘Skullpture Series’ (comprising 15 bronze originals); acquired by Haines Junction Permanent Art Collection; permanently installed in the St Elias Convention Centre, Haines Junction, Yukon, Canada, 2009

This moose antler carving and bronze is inspired by the Gaia theory that the earth is alive, propounded by James Lovelock. A positive future is envisaged in the symbolism of this sculpture, one in which human beings survive global climate change through our combined efforts as we become symbiotic with the earth and bringing consciousness to Gaia.

The bronze skull represents the planet, land and ocean, from which all else springs. The two antlers represent nature (left – curved elements), and human technology, culture and accomplishment (right – angled elements). I have included elements from nature on the human side (of course) and also elements of human structure on the nature side. I believe that our intelligent input into the world’s natural systems is the way forward.

Collaborations:  Current (an ekphrastic poem based on Gaia) written by Gillian Sze, PhD

Publications: Arabella; Hi Fructose; Yukon Arts Centre Blog; Algonquin Art Centre News and Gallery Program, 2011; Wildlife Art Journal; Trophy Rooms from Around the World: Vol 5; From Portrait to Self Portrait: Vol 3

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