Borealis And Oreithyia

Collection of the Artist

The carved curves and swirls which flow between these mated antlers represent the phenomenal Yukon skies filled with the Aurora Borealis. I have many fond memories of laying on the ground gazing up as the multicoloured vortexes swirl, wrap, curl and whip across the night sky, periodically extending fingers of light straight down towards me, so close I imagined that by reaching up I could touch them with my own. The angled elements speak of powerful wind and mountainous height, while a smaller angled arrow on the left burr could be an abstract compass needle, pointing north.

Looking to name this dual sculpture and intrigued by the word borealis, I looked it up. Borealis (or Boreas) is the ‘purple winged god of the north wind’ who took for his bride Oreithyia (pron. O-ree-thee-ah), whose name means ‘mountain gale’. Perfect!

Publications:  Arabella; Hi Fructose

This sculpture is for sale, please visit AVAILABLE FOR SALE section.

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