Candle Ice Two

Commissioned by James Robertson Art Consultants and Yabu Pushelberg for the Four Seasons Hotel Permanent Art Collection; permanently installed in the the west lobby of the newly built Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2012

These two moose antlers are patterned abstractly after the fragile fall and spring ice (candle ice) that forms, breaks apart and piles up along the banks and shores of rivers and lakes in the North.

The inspiration for this sculpture comes from an earlier, single antler sculpture entitled, Candle Ice, based on an intricately carved pattern of isosceles triangles. Candle Ice Two is based on the scalene triangle, intricately carved, fan-like, around two offset central hubs. Viewers often ask if the triangles were carved separately and then glued together. They were not.

Publications:  Arabella; Hi Fructose; Yukon Arts Centre Blog; Air Canada En Route Magazine; Four Seasons Magazine; Condé Nast Traveller; Toronto Life Magazine; Toronto Star

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