Ceremonial Antler

Commissioned by Jacqueline Bedard for the Yukon University Foundation on behalf of Yukon University for convocations and other ceremonies, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, 2020

Not so many years ago, there was a sense that everything which could be discovered, had been discovered. How refreshing that wonderful new technologies and creative approaches have revolutionised old disciplines, forged new ones, and proven there is so much ground yet to discover. What better animal to inspire this pursuit at a University which hopes to cover the vast subject areas of northern knowledge and research, than the caribou, a wanderer, which covers vast northern territories of its own?

This Ceremonial Antler symbolises Yukon University. The caribou antler’s tines represent the flow of students and research into and out from the University. The thirteen complex, angled, variously carved areas within the sculpture, represent the thirteen unique campuses which comprise the University, and in which all forms of knowledge are gathered and shared. The curvy spaces between the carved areas represent undiscovered country, which awaits only curiousity and a little hard work.

Held high in procession, the Ceremonial Antler conjures a majestic caribou leading its herd, as those who graduate are trusted with leading us into the future.

Media:  Ceremonial Antler (click for video), Brendan Preston, Director, Editor & Cinematographer; Lucy-Anne Kay, Story and Narration – produced for Yukon University Convocation 2020 & 2021 (COVID protocols)

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