Big Horns Ram – Shatter And Melt

Commissioned by Charlie Gauthier for the collections of Alain Gauthier and Stephane Gauthier

A gift from a proud father to his sons upon graduation and employment, each sculpture is an abstract representation of young man’s coming of age, when he strikes off boldly on his own, often challenging traditional ways or accepting new truths.

The two sculptures form a duality themed set, representing this coming of age from the perspective of two very different personalities, coolly logical (Shatter) and warmly emotional (Melt). A ‘path’ element, beginning at the tip of each horn, winds its way down the horn, growing as it nears the Big Horn ram which it ‘supports’ from beneath, making it possible for the ram to shatter or melt through part of that same path. The path represents tradition, the ram the young man.

Publications:  Arabella; Branch Magazine: Private Parts

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