Tundra Swan

Commissioned by Yukon Hospital Foundation for poster campaign, ‘Under Our Wing’, 2005; permanently installed at entrance of the newly built MRI Unit, Whitehorse General Hospital, 2015

Tundra Swans (Cygnus columbianus) migrate across the length and breadth of Yukon each summer and fall. Because of this territorial wide ‘reach’,  the tundra swan was chosen by the Yukon Hospital Foundation to be their symbol for a fundraising drive to enhance medical services across Yukon.

The curved element carved into the rear wing represents the caring labours of hospital staff; the angled element carved into the forward wing represents the medical infrastructure, equipment and building, required by the hospital to meet their service goal.

Publications:  Arabella; Wildlife Art Journal; Trophy Rooms from Around the World: Vol 5; Yukon Hospital Foundation: ‘Under Our Wingposter and publicity material

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